Salt&Pepper presents you these joyful fragrances that create an oasis of peace around you.
Choose a fragrance that represents your true self and that matches your extension of style.
Let us escape into the eternal passage of Atelier, Bliss, Wanderlust, Spa and Elemental.



The Salt&Pepper diffusers are perfect for use all over the house: from living room to bathroom, kitchen and toilet. They will cover each room with their blissful aromas.


Aesthetic luxury

The beautifully designed glass bottles are a stylish way to fragrance your home. Make a statement with their designs.


Desired intensity

Create your own personal oasis wherever you go. The fragrance sticks give off a wonderful subtle fragrance without turning them around. However, if you'd prefer a more intense perfume experience, the sticks can be turned more often to suit your preference.


Reservoir size

The reservoir sizes of the different Salt&Pepper diffusers vary from 120ml all the way up to 600ml. The higher the capacity, the longer you can enjoy the elegant and special atmosphere.