Reed diffuser 600ml Water Elemental


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Nature’s elements of water, fire, earth and air embody their own sense of power in the universe. Through aroma, Salt&Pepper's Elemental fragrance range radiates earthy, mineral notes to bring the mind and body back to nature. Essential oils are sourced from Europe and are of the highest quality, ensuring a pure release of aroma slowly over time. Elemental comes in 4 different fragrances:

  • Water features energising, calming and balancing notes blended with bergamot, rose and ambergris
  • Fire contains spicy, sensual and subtly sweet notes of basil, star anise and patchouli
  • Earth has sensuous, refreshing and moody notes blended with olive leaf, strawberry and amber notes
  • Air is blissful, uplifting and warming with notes of citrus, lily of the valley and ambergris

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